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Unarmed Defense01/23/2017

 2 Night Class.Offered 2 weeknights in order to free up weekends for our students. Learn to get away if grabbed from the front, back or if you end up on the ground. Get started with other women making yourself more confident and less of a target.


Alicia has been shooting since she was young.  She also has a passion for teaching people to be safe in their everyday lives.

Dan has many years of police and military service with the knowledge and strategies to offer a unique experience.

Katy is a certified instructor for 27 Close Calls, Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun.  She also is the only A Girl and A Gun Facilitator in the Inland NW

Mission: Become the Experts in Personal Safety.
By using reality and situational training, we will be able to reach students otherwise not reached by traditional training classes.  We will be able to train students for not only dealing with violence using a firearm, we will also be able to equip them mentally and strategically on how to avoid violence prior to needing the use of any weapon.