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Defensive Reality's approach to training is unique in that we offer personal defense training opportunities to people regardless of their chapter or walk of life.

One of our classes requires no physical interaction or weapons. We offer students strategies to use their brain to mitigate dangerous situations.  It allows women to use "psychological warfare" against predators

Next, we offer a physical self defense training opportunity, giving students easy ways to make their bodies work for them. There is no requirement for martial arts or pressure points to get away and make distance from possible predators.

Finally, is our firearms training spans from non-intimidating beginner classes to situational and decision making. Students may either progress through our training phases or with prior training documentation, may jump into any class as their skills allow.

Each training opportunity is designed to challenge skills and change the paradigm of the word victim. There are NO victims! Predators are looking for Targets, with training, everyone can become a harder Target. If someone has successfully avoided or survived an attack, they are now a HERO!