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Taking Personal Safety Seriously

Do you think about your personal safety?  What are your biggest concerns?  Do you think it can't happen to me or it won't happen here?  What tools do you use or carry with you for personal safety?  Have you taken a Self Defense course or some kind of martial arts?  

There are many things to consider when it comes to personal safety.  

What chapter of life are you in?  

  • A single college student or working person?
  • Married or living with partner with no kids?
  • Married or with a partner and kids?  
    • How old are the kids?
    • Infant - 3
    • 4-7
    • 8-11
    • 12-14
    • 15-18
  • Are your kids going off to work or college?
  • Are you empty nesters looking forward to retirement someday?
  • Retired and fancy free?

These very different chapters of life and subsections of life and they all bring different challenges to personal safety.

We are excited to be able to offer safety options for all these chapters of life.  

For the single college student or working person - Usually you are too young to carry a firearm and may be that doesn't fit into your lifestyle.  The Close Call Academy program is perfect as it allows you to identify the 9 different predator types, identify potentially dangerous situations and how to out smart the predator without any weapons and without any physical requirements.  Our Unarmed Personal Safety Course teaches how to use simple body movements and how to get out of common grabs and make distance.  If you are interested in an on-going class, we have a once a week evening class that teaches more open hand and kinfe fighting.  Depending on your comfort level, we have options to help you increase your personal safety.

People with no kids - Women, Close Call Academy is for you too!  Also, what a great bonding experience to work on your personal safety together once a week and get familiar with open hand techniques, bladed techniques and if interested, you could join us for a firearms class or two as well.

People with kids - You are in luck!  Our Bully-Proofing class is for kids 4-17 years of age.  We also offer a kids shooting class for 11-17 year olds also once a week.  If you are looking to get away from the kids, Unarmed Personal Safety and our firearms classes are a great get away for a short amount of time allowing you to increase your skills and get some frustration out wink

If your kids are headed off to college, attend a class together so you can have an open and honest dialog about the realities of a dangerous world.

Are you retired and fancy free? Perfect!  What a great time to either pick up a new skill or increase skills may be you didn't have time for while kids and work consumed your days.  


Lets look at some stats - 1 in 5 households across America will be involved in a Home Invasion.  1 in 5 women will experience a sexual assault at some point in their life.  70% of kids will experience or witness bullying during their school years.  15,000 bar-goers will be drugged every year in America.  Most violent interactions happen within 6 feet.  

What is your safety worth?