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What Holds You Back?

We have a question for you...
What holds you back from attending professional training?
The excuses I usually hear are as follows:

1. Time - Time is also called priority. Is safety not a priority for you or your family? Are you not worth the time to receive training on how to best protect yourself or your family?

2. Cost - The cost of training is momentary but the skills and confidence you gain will last a lifetime.

3. I know how to shoot or I have never been in a fight so I don't need training - 50% of all gun owners never receive professional training. Reality Check - When put under stress, like in the event of an attack or a violent encounter, our brain reverts to our lowest level of training - If you have never received training, there is nothing for your brain to refer to and you may not have the skill when you need.

Have you made these same excuses? What are you going to do about it? Let us know your thoughts!