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No one plans to have their car broken into.  No one plans to have their home broken into.  We take precautions but even with the precautions, often we all experience crime on some level.

According to the FBI, most violent interactions last 5 minutes or less.  The average police response is 10-12 minutes across the country.  Police are there to take reports and try to catch criminals after an illegal act has already taken place.  Unfortunately, they can not stop crime, they can help deter it and investigate afterwards.  Shouldn't you train like Law Enforcement in order to keep yourself and family safe?  

Department of Justice found that 1 in 5 homes across America will experience a home invasion.  60% of those home invasions will involve a rape!  That is 1 home on every block in America!  

We offer training otherwise reserved for Law Enforcement and Military and training for the real possibilities in every day life.  

What kinds of training are you most interested in?  Contact Us and let us know what kind of training you are most interested in attending.  Is the Open Hand Training, Kids Self Defense, Firearm Training, Knife Training, Reality Conceal Carry most appealing to you?

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